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CALA Academic Resources & Repository System, is an academic resources and repository system to specially collect, metadata, organize and centrally store the academic publications and related information resources created and contributed by CALA members, Chinese-American Librarians and other related contributors for library and information sciences/services (LIS) and related subject fields. This system will provide central academic resources to help, assist, enhance and guide CALA members and relevant users for studies and researches on Chinese-American Librarianship related subject fields and professional development.

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An article on the Chinese woman writer Ding Ling.

Obituary for T.H. Tsien's death (April 9, 2015) announced on Web site of University of Chicago by Margalit Fox, with brief introduction of T. H. Tsien. T. H. Tsien was an emeritus professor of East Asian languages and civilizations, and an emeritus…

Investigating and discussing how librarians in academic libraries change their roles and services following the changes in the libraries due to emerging technologies applied in the libraries.
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