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CALA Southeast Chapter


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This collection includes the Chinese American Librarians Association Southeast Chapter's documents, such as chapter program materials, chapter documents and members' scholarly and creative works.


CALA Southeast Chapter


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Linked data in the library
This presentation is a brief introduction to acknowledge the understanding of linked data, which yields hope to link separate objects in a meaningful way. The topic and potential of linked data has been hotly debated and very exciting. However, the…

Working with Faculty to Support Their Teaching and Research
This presentation discusses some basic knowledge and skills for an East Asian Study Libran. To
best serve the faculty and students, the librarians needs to know related academic programs and
faculty expertise, their research interests, courses…

Diving into the university knowledge community: <br /><br />
navigating the expanded role of <br /><br />
the metadata librarian
Metadata librarians' engaging in the university knowledge community is becoming a trend in recent
years. In preparing for this change, it can be challenging for the metadata librarians to step out of the "back room", engage in scholarly…

CALA Southeast Chapter 2017 Spring Program
The conference schedule for CALA Southeast Chapter Conference that took place on January 20, 2017 at Georgia State University. Highlights from the conference included a tour and digital map showcase of the Georgia State University’s Collaborative…

CALA Southeast Chapter 2016 Fall Program
The conference schedule for CALA Southeast Chapter Conference that took place on September 23, 2016. Highlights from the conference included keynote speaker Wenxian Jiang's presentation, entitled "China through American Eyes: Depictions of the…

A presentation discussing the benefits, the challenges, and the evolution of discovery services and tools.

Staging Dunhuang Mogao Caves: Treasures from along the Silk Road
Historically a frontier metropolis, Dunhuang was a strategic site along the Silk Road in northwestern China, a crossroads of trade, and a locus for religious, cultural, and intellectual influences since the Han dynasty (206 B.C.E.–220 C.E.). The 492…

A southern Chinese city through the eyes of a British missionary: Preliminary analysis of the text of a historical travelogue
Walks in the City of Canton is a book written by John Henry Gray of Christ's College, Cambridge who came to China and stayed as a missionary for many years, and it was published in 1875. This project did a preliminary analysis of the text of this…

The hidden treasure -- Elling O. Eide Center
A beautiful space devoted to the culture of Asia has been quietly developing on a tucked-away waterfront property in Sarasota, Florida. This is the Elling O. Eide Center, a non-profit research library and preserve named for its benefactor, Elling O.…

Getting to know SCUA
David Benjamin joined the UCF Libraries as Head of Special Collections & University Archives in September 2015. David comes from the University of Arizona where he was the Assistant Director of the Volkerding Study Center at the Center for Creative…
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