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2021 CALA Annual Conference

Assessing the Professional Development Needs of Chinese American Librarians.pdf

2021 CALA Annual Conference Presidential Program Program title: Libraries as Catalysts for Serving Diverse Communities…

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2020 CALA Annual Conference

Make the Most of Data Analyzation to Improve Library Website UX.pdf

2020 CALA Annual Poster Session
3-4pm (EST)
Meeting URL:

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CALA Leaders & Members


This collection features the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)’s pioneers, leaders and members. It focuses on their life stories and…

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Chinese Studies in the West: The Chinese Record

“Chinese Studies in the West: The Chinese Record” (《中国研究外文旧籍汇刊·中国记录》) consists of reprints of western books about China that are in public domain,…

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