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The English Conversation Group for International Students

The English Conversation Group (ECG) at the Leddy Library has been offering virtual sessions for the first time in the program’s history since the Fall 2020 semester during COVID-19 pandemic. Using virtual teaching technology, the ECG is trying to…

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Building a Community with Virtual Programs: QPL’s Story During & After COVID-19 Pandemic

ALA Poster 2022_Hong.pdf
Stories from Queens Public Library. Poster presented at the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) Annual Conference 2022 poster session.

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Enhance the Discovery and Interoperability of Culturally Rich Information: the Chinese Women Poets WikiProject

ALA 2022 poster v4.pdf
Traditionally, special collections such as culture and heritage collections and their name authority data were cataloged using local cataloging standards with limited data interoperability. The library community has questioned for a number of years…

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Using Wikidata to Create Knowledge Graphs for Library Collections

As a Linked Open Data (LOD) platform for structured data, and a community-building knowledge base, Wikidata stores people, spaces, times and other entities, and their semantic relationships. Wikidata Knowledge graph is a knowledge base that…

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Smiling Library

Smiling Library (微笑图书室) is a private non-profit organization in Shanghai, China. As shown in this video, the Smiling Mission is to offer reading promotional activities to rural and semi-rural primary schools in China, including Chengdu and rural…

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Disrupting White Supremacy Through BIPOC Solidarity

What does it mean to be in solidarity with other Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color. (BIPOC)? This webinar will be a discussion of why solidarity is vital and what it might look for us to engage in it. As Asian/Pacific Americans, we benefit…

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- 中国芭蕾的历史
-《白毛女》/ 与江青
- 芭蕾在我们今天的生活中

The Ballet “The White Haired Girl“ and I
- The history of Chinese ballet
- The history of the ballet & "The White Haired Girl";
- The Controversy…

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CALA Annual 2021 Presidential Program: Libraries as Catalysts for Serving Diverse Communities

What do you know about race, art, civil rights, and the socio-political forces that guided the hip-hop generation? Have you heard of the Building a Pipeline of Community Connection that helps to build a staffing model that fosters diversity, equity…

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Leadership Capacity Whereever You Are

A position of power gives the appearance of leadership. A person can occupy a position with authority to supervise and manage, and still fails to lead. Leadership is about the capacity of intentional or unintentional activism in each person to…

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