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Path to Leadership: National Forum on Advancing Asian/Pacific Islander American Librarianship - A White Paper

Path to Leadership_ National Forum on Advancing Asian_Pacific Islander American Librarianship - A White Paper.pdf
This IMLS funded project aimed to bridge two major associations focused on supporting Asian American and Pacific Islander library workers to identify collaborative opportunities to engage with the larger community of APIA library workers and their…

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Last Night at the Telegraph Club

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Children's Literature

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2017 CALA Awards Banquet

The 2017 CALA Awards Banquet was held in New Furama Restaurant in Chicago from 6 to 8:30pm on June 25, 2017. CALA Awards Banquet is a long-time tradition of CALA and its biggest annual event.

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Artificial Neural Network to Improve Library Services

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is a biologically inspired Machine Learning model that simulates how cells are connected in human brains to make a complicated decision. In topology terms, it can be represented by an acyclical network with explicit an…

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Introduce Agile and DevOps to Library Practices

The Agile and DevOps are terms emerging for the software development and delivery processes in the software industry. But the elements of Agile and DevOps and principles have been adopted for operational development in various organizations. Agile…

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Beautiful Country: A Memoir

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All Starting from Baseline Data: What Can We Do with Library Resources and Services?

What happens if an academic library is not aware of any baseline data about distance learners’ use of library resources and services? What will the baseline data mean to the library’s existing and potential resources and services? Through a web-based…

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