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Blockchain Technology and LIS Services

This presentation will discuss the unique features and latest developments/applications of the Blockchain technologies. We will also explore concerns regarding this new technology, i.e. whether or not the library and information services should…

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Developing Logic Model Workshops for Library Staff: Strategies, Challenges and Lessons

Is there a method to collect input from all library staff when developing and updating a strategic plan that is aligned with the institution’s mission and vision ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard? Developing a valuable and meaningful…

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Introduction to Linked Data

Linked Data is a powerful semantic web technology that makes knowledge and information spaces of different knowledge domains sharable, exchangeable, interoperable, and more. It is increasingly being used in libraries. This presentation is primarily…

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Reading Preferences of Suburban Library Patrons

This is the first part of an on-going study examining the reading behaviors of adult library patrons. Using multiple years’ circulation statistics from four public libraries in the north suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, we try to identify the trends in…

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Community Engagement

Chinatown Branch of the Chicago Public Library continues to serve as a social hub and a community center for culture, information, education and technology to all people. People are welcomed to the library to learn, work, play, gather and participate…

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Together We Make It Work! – Metadata Collaboration in UIC Libraries

This presentation is a case study that discusses the successful collaboration between different departments within our university library to improve our metadata. The collaboration combined library faculty and staff knowledge of metadata standards…

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Unveil hidden gems: Improving discoverability of Ming Qing Women Poets and their poetry works through Wikidata

Unveil Hidden Gems_ALA2023.pdf
Traditionally, special collections featuring cultural heritage materials, and related authority data on authors and works, have been created using conventional cataloging standards with limited data interoperability. To increase accessibility and…

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Using an Interactive Authoring Tool for a Cataloging/Metadata
Creation Class – Experimentation and Prospects

Cataloging, classification, and metadata creation are essential functions of information organization in LIS (library and information science) field. High-quality data serves critical roles in effective organization of library materials. However,…

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Why do Libraries Need to Offer Tech Help: An Ethnographic Study Based on the Urbana Free Library

The Urbana Free Library provides patrons with tech help through its Computer Lab program. The program helps patrons solve various problems they encounter when using any digital device. This poster presents an ongoing ethnographic study that examines…

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Keeping Safe While Staying Open: Serving First Responder Users During COVID Pandemic

Through innovation and adaptation, the Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) Library has enhanced its capabilities to serve users, expanded its collection of digital resources across various types, and extended its reach to more individuals and…

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