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Zhao, Lisa

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Academic Libraries in the United States for the 21st Century: Theories and Practices, Xudong Jin, ed.

Libraries in the U.S., especially public libraries are deeply rooted in local communities. What has made this strong relationship between libraries and their communities? The question can be answered in relation to different sources.
In this article…

Since its announcement in December 2004, Google Print Library Project has attracted many reactions, optimistic and pessimistic. Google as a corporation enters the library domain by digitizing millions of library books and providing them online. Many…

How are library professionals who do research about bibliographic organization using electronic resources (e-resources) in their journal articles? Are they keeping pace with the use of e-resources outside the library world? What are the e-resources…

The right of having privacy is related to the safety of everybody in a society. Therefore, it is a topic that should concern everyone. In the library field, it focuses on the protection of library users' personal registration and circulation records,…
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