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This collection features the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)’s pioneers, leaders and members. It focuses on their life stories and their contributions to the library community while their scholarly work will be archived in the CALA Member Scholarly Achievements Collection.

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In Loving Memory of Lisa Zhao
Zhao, Lisa (赵力沙) 02/15/1950 - 03/22/2016 Chicago IL -- In recognizing the passing of Lisa Zhao, the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) wants to celebrate the character of this distinguished and dedicated CALA member. Lisa was the Catalog…

In Loving Memory of Dr. Tze-Chuang Li
The memorial issue of Dr. Tze-Chung Li, 1927/2/17-2020/4/22. Dr. Li is a pioneer in library education in the United States. He was the Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the Graduate School of Library Information Science at Dominican University.…

Telling Chinese American Librarians' Stories: Tze-Chung Li
Dr. Tze-Chung Li was the premier Chinese American Librarian for his accomplishments. In his career, Dr. Li was the founder of the Chinese American Librarians' Association (CALA), the first Chinese scholar to be Dean of a library school, and founder…
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