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T.H. Tsien, 105, Dies; Scholar of Chinese Books Rescued 30,000 of Them

Obituary for T.H. Tsien's death (April 9, 2015) announced on Web site of University of Chicago by Margalit Fox, with brief introduction of T. H. Tsien. T. H. Tsien was an emeritus professor of East Asian languages and civilizations, and an emeritus…

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Libraries as gateways of learning and librarians as capable facilitators

Investigating and discussing how librarians in academic libraries change their roles and services following the changes in the libraries due to emerging technologies applied in the libraries.

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[Not Public] All embedded images for Home page

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From RDA to Semantic Web: A Progress Report

Introduced the changes and progress for organization of information in libraries from RDA to Semantic Web.

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Move into the Cloud, Shall We?

Introducing cloud computing technology used for information services and library systems.

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Is Semantic Web Our Future?

Introduction for Semantic Web for the trends and development for information resources and organization of information.

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Producing Online Tutorials: Collaboration between librarians and teaching faculty-Photo Story 3, Movie Maker, and Wink

Introduce system tools such as Photo Story 3, Movie Maker, and Wink for collaborations between librarians and teachers in academic institutes.

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Online Collaboration Tools

Descriptions on the tools used for libraries collaborations.

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New Directions in Information Organization-A Linked Data Model with BIBFRAME

Discussion on BibFrame, a new direction for organization of information, a linked data model.

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