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CAYASYS includes the following top-level collections. Go to Collection Tree for all the details.

CALA Archives

This collection archives the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)’s programs, initiatives, organizational documents and preserves the CALA’s history. It also includes various sub-collections such as CALA Annual Programs, CALA Documents, CALA Publications, and the CALA Media Collections.

CALA Chapters

This collection features local chapters and their programs and activities. It highlights the chapter members’ involvement in local programming including their presentations that were presented during chapter conferences.

CALA Members' Scholarly and Life Achievements

This collection showcases members’ life achievements or research and scholarly works, and it promotes scholarly communications within and beyond CALA.

Chinese Culture Heritage & Chinese Studies

This collection features publications and materials on Chinese culture, heritage and Chinese Studies. It includes sub-collections such as “Chinese Studies in the West: The Chinese Record” and the CALA Best Book Award Collection.