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Data Policy

What data do we collect, preserve, and disseminate?

 Subject Scope:

  • Chinese-American librarians’ academic publications and contributions
  • Chinese-American Librarianship related resources
  • Chinese culture/literature related to LIS resources

Types of materials we accept:

  • Official / Formal Publications
  • Research Articles
  • Thesis and Dissertations
  • Audios / Videos
  • Research Data Set
  • Gray Publications*
  • Other Works
  • Library Resources (Learning/Teaching/Research)

    *Gray Publications: Informal Publications, such as:

    • Some organizational reports and events reports (including AV materials)
    • Pre-publications and data
    • Presentation slides
    • Non-published research reports
    • Experimental data set
    • Technical documents or test data
    • Courses and teaching-related documents or data on LIS education, e.g.:
      • Syllabus of courses
      • Course design
      • Curriculum design
      • Presentation files, and
      • Video/audio materials created by faculty (Chinese-American faculty of LIS and related fields) for LIS education.

Accepted Data Types in CALASYS:

A contributor will need to select a data type in contributing to CALASYS. The available data types include:

  • Book
  • Book Chapter
  • Conference Proceeding
  • Document
  • Image
  • Journal Article
  • Report
  • Poster
  • Presentation
  • Video

Related Metadata Standard and Guidelines:

CALASYS Platform

  • Omeka, a free and open-source web-publishing platform, has been set up for the pilot program, which is currently in use.
    • Item Format Types (types of collections)
    • Publication; Manuscript; Sound Recording; Video Recording; Web Page; Presentation Files; Software: Dataset; Image