What is CALASYS?

Started as a project of the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) initiated by Dr. Sharon Hu in 2013, CALASYS is an academic resources and repository system to specially collect, organize and centrally store the academic publications, materials, and related information resources created and contributed by Chinese-American Librarians, especially CALA members, and other related contributors from library and information sciences/services (LIS) and related subject fields.

What is the Purpose of CALASYS?

  1. To centrally collect, organize, record, and deposit academic publications, achievements, contributions, and scholarly communications of CALA members, Chinese-American librarians, and related contributors for LIS
  2. To be a central academic resources system to provide academic information services and scholarly communications in LIS for CALA members, Chinese-American Librarians, information specialists, and related contributors
  3. To be a central academic resources system to assist, enhance, and guide CALA members and related academic professionals on studies and research on Chinese-American librarian related subject fields, education, and professional development

What Data Types and Formats does CALASYS Support?

The supported data types and formats include, but are not limited to the following.

  1. Official / Formal Publications (journal articles, books, or book chapters, etc.)
  2. Research data set
  3. Thesis and dissertations
  4. Research reports and articles
  5. Audio/Video Publications
  6. Software, coding, and scripts
  7. Website and web pages design
  8. Educational / Instructional and Training Materials
  9. Gray Literature: Informal publications such as pre-publication and data, presentation slides, non-published research reports and experimental data set, technical documents or test data, courses and teaching-related documents or data on LIS education, syllabus of courses, course and curriculum design, presentation files and videos / audio materials created by faculty (Chinese American Faculty on LIS and related fields) for LIS education and training of LIS
  10. Other Scholarly Communications-related materials and information