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Call for Open Contribution to CALASYS

Dear colleagues,

The CALASYS Committee has recently implemented Self-Contribution for the CALA’s Academic Resource & Repository System (CALASYS, https://ir.cala-web.org/), and welcomes your contribution! Anyone who’s interested in adding their scholarly works and other documents to CALASYS can create an account and start depositing. Please read the How to Contribute page and review CALASYS Self-Contribution Training Slides before registering for an account. The Committee would also be happy to provide training sessions online per request.  

By opening CALASYS to all, each contributing individual, committee, and chapter will be able to deposit works and documents. You can also be the manager of your collection after going through training with the Committee. It is hoped that CALASYS will continue to grow at a faster pace and in a more inclusive direction. 

CALASYS hosts scholarly works and educational materials from our members, the Chinese American Librarians as well as educators and professionals in the LIS field. It also archives CALA’s official documents, CALA and its Chapters’ conference materials, and Chinese cultural heritage collections. Currently, 34 collections have been created for individuals, and over 30 collections have been created for CALA Archives and Chapter collections. In total over 500 items have been added to CALASYS’ open and private collections. In the last 30 days, it has over 114500 views.

CALASYS accepts clear copyright full text as well as bibliographies. The contributions could be, but not limited to:

1. Scholarly publications (journal articles, books, book chapters, etc. Abstracts with bibliographic information or access links are welcome).                       

2. Educational/instructional and training materials (presentation files, audio/video materials for workshops/training, curriculum designs, syllabus of LIS courses, guides, reports, datasets, etc.)                 

3. CALA’s official documents, CALA Chapters’ conference, training, and other event materials.

4. Other collections and materials on Chinese-American librarianship, Chinese cultural heritage, and Chinese studies.

Please contact the CALASYS Committee at calasys@cala-web.org if you need more information or have any questions. Thank you for your participation, enthusiasm, and support!


The CALASYS Committee
Sai Deng, sai.deng@ucf.edu (Co-chair)
Weiling Liu, w.liu@louisville.edu (Co-Chair)
Mingyan Li, mli5@uic.edu
Suzhen Chen, suzhen@hawaii.edu
Meng Qu, qum@miamioh.edu