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Restructuring an open access journal for LIS professionals: process, people, and plan

Occasional Paper Series (OPS) is one of the official publication platforms provided by the Chinese American Librarians Association overseas, the largest association of Chinese librarians, and an ALA affiliation. OPS is an open access and…

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Transition from the face-to-face to the online lecturing for a LIS course “Metadata Creation for Information Organization”: outlook and preparation

As a Library and Information Science (LIS) lecturer, co-teaching a traditional (face-to-face) course “Metadata Creation for Information Organization”, the lecturer deliberates on moving from traditional to online teaching, lots of changes and…

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Diversity and sustainability in library exhibits

This poster will present on the sustainability and diversity of
Library Exhibits at UHM Hamilton Library. The poster will provide
examples of how cultural, social, historical and international themes
contribute to exhibit diversity. In addition,…

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Reflections in teaching a LIS course in the changing world

As Catalog/Metadata Librarians and adjunct faculty at the LIS program of a public co-educational research university, we rethink what skills and knowledge LIS students seek to gain from the class Metadata Creation for Information Organization, and…

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Prospects for connecting community and engaging students for an academic resource and repository system

CALASYS is the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)’s academic resource and repository system. The purpose of the system is to collect, organize, and store scholarly publications, library and information science related resources created or…

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ALCTS news report: 21st-century collection development strategies for media

It is an ALCTS news report on the ALA Annual Conference session "21st-Century Collection Development Strategies for Media".

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Review of the book Practical ontologies for information professionals, by D. Stuart

This is a book review of Practical ontologies for information professionals written by D. Stuart

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Diversity and sustainability in library exhibits for outreach and marketing

This paper discusses the diversity and sustainability of library exhibits at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Library, and explores it as a means of marketing and outreach.

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Practices, challenges, and prospects of big data curation: A case study in geoscience

This paper discusses the practices, challenges, and prospects of big data curation using the geoscience field as a case study.

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Teaching a cataloging/metadata course in a changing world: Experience and reflection

The authors use a case study to discuss their experiences and perspectives in teaching a cataloging and metadata course in a library school.

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