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CALA Annual 2021 Presidential Program: Libraries as Catalysts for Serving Diverse Communities

What do you know about race, art, civil rights, and the socio-political forces that guided the hip-hop generation? Have you heard of the Building a Pipeline of Community Connection that helps to build a staffing model that fosters diversity, equity…

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Opening CALASYS to All Members

Since the Chinese American Librarians Association’s Academic Resources and Repository System (CALASYS, was initiated in 2013, its collections have grown gradually by way of the Committee’s curation and entries with…

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CALA Newsletter, No. 124, Spring 2021

2021 Spring  (3) (1).pdf
The CALA Newsletter is the official publication of the Chinese American Librarians Association, and it disseminates information about Chinese American Librarianship and the activities of the association. This is the No. 124, Spring 2021 issue.

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2021 CALA Southeast and Southwest Chapters Joint Online Conference Program

2021 CALA Southeast and Southwest Chapters Joint Online Conference Program.pdf
On May 7, 2021, CALA Southeast Chapter and Southwest Chapter held a joint virtual conference. The event featured an opening speech delivered by Yao Hong, CALA President of 2020, and four presentations. The presentations focused on the challenges…

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CALASYS Self-Contribution Training

CALASYS Self-Contribution Training.pdf
Training document on how to self-contribute to the CALA Academic Resource & Repository System (CALASYS). It's created by the CALASYS Committee.

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CALASYS Metadata Guideline Version 2 (2021)

CALASYS Metadata Guideline_V2.pdf
The CALA Academic Resource & Repository System (CALASYS)’ metadata guidelines. It's created to provide guidance in describing resources to be deposited into CALASYS.

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What does it take them just to get a job? An analysis of employability skills of today’s LIS graduates: Implications for LIS curricula.

The information world is changing every day and so
are the skills and competencies that an information
professional needs. The school curricula, however,
cannot be changed so fast. Therefore, a good
curriculum has not only to be able to cover…

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Shaping the 21st-century information professional: A convergence of technical and “Soft” skills for workplace success.

The information world has been in a continuous state of flux, affecting what skills and competencies an information professional needs. Therefore, school curricula have to be able to cover today's needs and also be adaptive enough to accommodate…

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Inclusive museum and its impact on learning of special needs children

This study investigates the effect of learning in museums, an informal environment different from the traditional classroom, on children with special needs. The purpose of the project is to examine how the museum experience influences learning and…

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