Leadership Capacity Whereever You Are


Leadership Capacity Whereever You Are


A position of power gives the appearance of leadership. A person can occupy a position with authority to supervise and manage, and still fails to lead. Leadership is about the capacity of intentional or unintentional activism in each person to exercise influence over others in order to reach a common goal. Everyone can build and expand their leadership capacity whether they work at frontline customer service, or in the backroom providing infrastructural support. Wherever we are at work or in life, we can anchor our self in a position to bring out the best of others, to create connections among people and resources, and to enable positive changes for the greater collective good. Our internal leadership capacity encompasses at least several areas of competencies: professional knowledge and skills, personal and social responsibilities, inclusive and equitable treatment of people, stakeholder relationships, and asset-based approach to community building. The goal is to identify the areas of leadership capacity we already practice regardless of our position, and other areas where we have the potential to develop.

Presenter: Dr. Ling Hwey Jeng is Professor and Director of Texas Woman’s University, School of Library and Information Studies. She teaches the foundations of information, organization of knowledge, marketing and advocacy, and community engagement. Dr. Jeng has numerous scholarly publications and presentations and is a recipient of four federally funded grant projects to the total of more than two million dollars. She served on the governing Council of the American Library Association and was the President of Texas Library Association, 2017-2018. Dr. Jeng is a frequent speaker on topics including library advocacy, diversity, leadership development, and community-based librarianship. She is an active community volunteer with the United Way of Denton County.


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