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Leadership Capacity Whereever You Are

A position of power gives the appearance of leadership. A person can occupy a position with authority to supervise and manage, and still fails to lead. Leadership is about the capacity of intentional or unintentional activism in each person to…

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Guidelines for CALA's Social Media (2018)

Guidelines for CALA Social Media.pdf
CALA currently has its own public Facebook page, "CALA Members and Friends" Facebook Private Group, WeChat, LinkedIn and YouTube Channel. The purpose of maintaining various channels is to meet our diverse members' needs and offer up-to-date platforms…

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Customer Relationship Management as an Imperative for Academic Libraries: A Conceptual Model-121 e-Agent Framework

This chapter proposes a conceptual model, the 121 e-Agent Framework, for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in academic libraries. Linked data and Semantic Web are the core components of this model. The implementation of the Framework will enable…

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