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Community Engagement

Chinatown Branch of the Chicago Public Library continues to serve as a social hub and a community center for culture, information, education and technology to all people. People are welcomed to the library to learn, work, play, gather and participate…

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Internet resources for Tibetan medicine

Tibetan medicine has a history of over one thousand years. With the recent fascination with Tibet and Tibetan culture, Tibetan medicine is receiving greater attention from the public, scholars, and the media. In the past few years, researchers and…

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"Discovering" what's changed: A revisit of the OPACS of 260 academic libraries

This paper aims to determine the current usage of next generation online public access catalogs (OPACs) and discovery tools in academic libraries in the USA and Canada.

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“Beitan Shu Ji Qi Yan Jiu Li Yong: Li Shi Yu Xian Zhuan.”

Uncover the treasures of cultural exchange between China and the Occident: a retrospective study on Beitang Collection

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“Same Voice, Different Tongues: On Hwang Ch’un-ming’s and Gao Xiaosheng’s Language Style.”

Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association 33.1 ): 83-97.

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