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The Integrated Library System’s APIs

Introduction to Web API coding for library online cataloging system (Voyager), including features, structure of system, with corresponding API coding (PHP).

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The Many Meanings of Meilan

"Meilan Hua's world is made up of a few key ingredients: her family's beloved matriarch, Nai Nai; the bakery her parents, aunts, and uncles own and run in Boston's Chinatown; and her favorite Chinese fairy tales. After Nai Nai passes, the family has…

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Beautiful Country: a Memoir

beautiful country.jpg

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樓居小草: 一卷

PubStatement: 清嘉慶間(1796-1820)刻本.
Notes: 此本為《隨園三十種》中之《袁家三妹合稿》之零種. 序等4頁. 吟稿14頁. 隨園三〇種.
Preface: 前有汪孟翊序、袁枚序. 嚴長明題辭. 有扉頁, 刻「樓居小草題辭」.
Worktype: 別集.
InscriptionalVerse: 題「袁杼著」.

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Ming Qing Women’s Writings

Fong-MQWW CALA Webinar series ppt 2023.pdf
This talk is the last session in the CALA Speaker Series: Describing Chinese Rare Books and Cultural Heritage Collections. It can be accessed via CALA's YouTube channel at: This talk is delivered by Dr. Grace S. Fong,…

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紅香館詩草: 一卷, 紅香館詩餘: 一卷

PubStatement: 咸豐十一年 (1861) 刻本
Preface: 蔡之定, 林培厚, 高鄂, 潘素心, 黃友琴, 翁瑛, 惲珠, 石黛卿
Colophon: 惲崇碩, 鄭汝楫, 蔣重申, 程孟梅, 宗梅
Worktype: 別集
Contributors to foreword: 蔡之定, 林培厚, 高鄂, 潘素心, 黃友琴, 翁瑛序, 惲珠自序, 石黛卿後序, 妙蓮保小引, 許瓊鶴, 翁瑛, 王韞徽題詞
Contributors to afterword: 惲崇碩,…

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蘊真軒詩鈔: 二卷

PubStatement: 乾隆四十四年己亥 (1799) 寫刻本
Preface: 張裕犖
Worktype: 別集
Contributors to foreword: 張裕犖
Contributors to afterword: 蔡永名

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女學言行纂: 三卷

PubStatement: 乾隆五十二年丁未 (1787) 謐園藏版
Preface: 陸溶, 梁景璋, 蘇獻琛, 李履中, 伍鼎臣序, 自序及梁煒序
Worktype: 別集
Contributors to foreword: 謝方端, 陶所池內

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讀史管見: 三卷

PubStatement: 日本安政三年 (1856) 浪華書林群玉堂翻刻本
Notes: 1856年日本翻刻本
Worktype: 別集
Contributors to foreword: 謝方端, 陶所池內

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