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Help-seeking in the academic library in the digital age: a review of the research and a conversation

2016 CALA MW_Burns_HelpSeeking In the Library.pdf
Asking for help with library research can be difficult for students for many reasons. In this presentation, I will discuss some of the research on the topic of help-seeking. Many students still use a traditional approach by talking to a librarian at…

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2015 Strategic Plan

CALA 2015 Strategic Plan.pdf
Plan describing CALA goals and strategy for 2010-2015.

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Striving for Excellence: CALA 2020 Strategic Plan (2015-2020)

Built on the strengths, capabilities, and diligence of its members, the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) will continue to promote and fulfill its three main purposes:
1) to promote better communication among Chinese American…

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CALA Meetings, Activities and Awards Banquet at ALA Annual Conference 2009

Photos taken at the 2009 CALA/ALA Annual Conference, covering the CALA's programs, meetings and the awards banquet held in Chicago on July 10-14.

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Conference Committee Reports

Series of board member reports for Annual and Midwinter conferences.

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CALA Brochure


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CALA MW 2002 Annual Program (in Chicago)

Photos of the annual program for Chinese American Librarian Association, Middle West Chapter in 2002, which is held in Chicago

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CALA MW 2005 annual program photos

Photos from the annual program of Chinese American Librarian Association middle west chapter in 2005


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