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Using internal grant to foster faculty-librarian collaboration

As colleges and universities begin to globalize their curriculums and to include global readiness in their institutional missions, New Jersey City University (NJCU) has provided grants that strongly encourage faculty and librarians to collaborate on…

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Designing flipped information literacy sessions with the Assessment-as-Learning Model

2016 CALA MW Annual _Yan He.pdf
This presentation will focus on how an information literacy librarian teamed up with a Biochemistry professor and designed two flipped information literacy sessions to teach undergraduates how to read and find primary literature. We used the…

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The Effectiveness of a University’s Single-Session Information Literacy Instruction

Purpose – The purpose of this paper it to determine the effectiveness of “single‐session” information literacy instruction as it was integrated into the curriculum of a general education course at Monmouth University, New Jersey.

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Quantitative/Qualitative Analysis of Assessing Student Information Literacy Skills: The Power of Librarian-Faculty Collaborations

Librarians at the Moore Library of Rider University conducted a focus group with 12 undergraduate students during the summer of 2011 and modified an online test
used for determining students’ information literacy (IL) skills in required composition…

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Four Pedagogical Approaches in Helping Students Learn Information Literacy Skills

Rider University librarians heightened their collaboration with classroom faculty to teach students in core writing classes information literacy (IL) skills during IL instruction (ILI) sessions. This quasi-experimental study assessed four pedagogical…

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Information literacy online tutorials: An introduction to rationale and technological tools in tutorial creation

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to provide the findings of a survey of current technologies used in creating information literacy online tutorials in academic libraries. It also aims to inform readers of the technological tools available to…

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Enhancing Academic Library Information Literacy Instructions in the Digital Age

For over a decade, hundreds and thousands of researches have been made to initialize information literacy programs and leverage information literacy instructions. Facing up to the new information explosion in the digital age, many academic institutes…

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Rethinking Information Literacy Instructions in the Digital Age

Over twenty years ago, the American Library Association (ALA) Presidential Committee on Information Literacy defined information literacy. Since then, numerous scholarly papers have been published which explored the best approaches for improving…

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Captivating the students: online library instruction for a psychology class and lessons learned

This paper presents the first attempt of teaching library instruction via a Web-based tutorial for a Psychology and Law online course taught during the summer of 2009 at Rider University. Students received information literacy instruction through the…

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Faculty-librarian collaboration in improving information literacy skills of educational opportunity program students

This study aims to examine the instruction of basic information literacy (IL) skills taught to the socio‐economically disadvantaged students in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at Rider University in summer 2011. The study set out to…

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