Magic Lotus Lantern and Other Tales from the Han Chinese


Magic Lotus Lantern and Other Tales from the Han Chinese


This chapter is the first of the three parts of the book, The Magic Lotus Lantern and Other Tales from the Han Chinese. This chapter introduces many aspects of China that may intrigue American readers. It provides some background knowledge of the Chinese culture so that readers can have a better understanding of the tales retold in the book. The second part includes crafts, games, and recipes; and the third part, the tales.
Focusing specifically on the stories of the Han Chinese (the largest ethnic group in China, numbering over a billion people), the book presents more than 50 tales, both well known and obscure. The stories appeal to readers of all ages, providing them a glimpse into Chinese traditions and ways of thought. To further enhance cultural understanding, each tale is supplemented with brief historical and cultural background. For the same purpose, a collection of proverbs is also appended to the book, in addition to color photos, a map, a glossary, and a subject index. A tale source and motif index attached to the book is useful to those who study Chinese folklore.
Since China is a multi-ethnic nation, a companion book entitled Princess Peacock and Tales from the Other Peoples of China, will be published in August 2008.


Yuan, Haiwang




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