Inspiration and Participation: Promoting Diversity within the Organization and Beyond


Inspiration and Participation: Promoting Diversity within the Organization and Beyond


The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) is an ALA affiliated ethnic librarian association. The value of diversity is essential to the accomplishment of its mission, objectives, and strategic goals. This poster session will present how CALA thrives through promoting diversity as embodied in the organization's goals, and will also demonstrate how practically and creatively CALA works with other organizations in reaching out to people of all cultural backgrounds to make contributions to the diversity in the library profession, in promoting services to underserved populations, and in promoting diversity and international participation. Highlights of the presentation include such examples: CALA's active involvement in and contribution to the ALA's diversity initiatives and programs, JCLC 2006, the planning of JCLC 2012, President Alire's Family Literacy initiative; CALA's collaborative efforts and contribution to mini-conference (NE chapters of the five ALA affiliated ethnic caucus associations) and programs of other organizations with similar goals; CALA's publications that promote scholarship and research in diversity and showcase members' achievements to inspire others; CALA's progressive efforts for cross cultural fertilization in librarianship and to advance diversity at the international level. The goal of this presentation is to show how CALA as an ethnic library association can achieve national success and international recognition through its diversity efforts. Handouts and well-organized exhibits with pertinent information will be provided, in both print and multimedia formats. Presenters will be there to interact with visitors to provide additional information and clarification and to engage them in an informal and relaxed way for inspirational discussions. Presented at the ALA Annual Conference, Washington DC, June 26, 2010. Files include a poster (in Publisher and PDF), and an accompanying CD-ROM (created with AutoPlay Menu Builder, and compressed in WinRAR format). The poster is designed for budget printing and it is comprised by several sizes of office papers. The CD-ROM contains an interface, the CALA brochure, the CALA poster and a CALA slides show Shockwave movie.


Chou, Min; Deng, Sai


American Library Association




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Chou, M., Deng, S. (2010). Inspiration and Participation: Promoting Diversity within the Organization and Beyond. ALA (American Library Association) Diversity Fair. ALA Annual Conference 2010. Washington DC, June 26, 2010.

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