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2009-2010 President's Annual Report

Annual report of the CALA president.

2010 Annual Program

This is a presentation titled "Managing Change in the Information Age" held in Texas Library Association 2010 Annual Conference.


2013 President's Annual Report

Annual report of the CALA president.

2015 Strategic Plan

CALA 2015 Strategic Plan.pdf
Plan describing CALA goals and strategy for 2010-2015.

2016 CALA/GMA Professional Development

CALA GMA 2016.pdf
On March 19th, GMA members from three states (Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania) and District of Columbia met at the beautiful Fenwick Library of George Mason University and had a great time to network and engage in scholarly exchanges.  Topics…

2016 Vice President's Interim Report

Interim report from the January 2016 meeting.

2018 CALA Annual Conference Poster Session: Showcase of Your Achievements

CALA Poster Session Announcemen_fullversion.pdf
Poster session hosted by the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) during its 2018 annual conference. The goal of the poster session is for its members to showcase, discuss and share achievements in research, work in progress, best…