Endnote Blog: an Effective Alternative to Troubleshooting Endnote


Endnote Blog: an Effective Alternative to Troubleshooting Endnote


The EndNote Blog has been an effective alternative to traditional ways of troubleshooting issues related to the use of EndNote. The Blog has resolved many common issues related to EndNote that are frequently encountered by many of our users. Better yet, we did not use any library fund, as the Blog was built on a free open source content management system. This is particularly important in the current economic situation where library budget cuts are common and resources are limited. This project, through innovative use of open source blog software, has provided yet another example of librarians not only possessing the knowledge Yingting Zhang of emerging technologies, but also being able to utilize them creatively. By providing effective support on EndNote 24/7 to the researchers, this project illustrates the important role that librarians can play in the academic research community and the positive impact that they can make as a result of their willingness to go above and beyond to serve their users.


Zhang, Yingting


CALA Occasional Paper Series


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Zhang, Y. (2013). Endnote Blog: an Effective Alternative to Troubleshooting Endnote. CALA Occasional Paper Series, No. 12 (June), 1-6.

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