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Coping with Constant Obsolescence: A Lifelong Task

Knowledge and skill obsolescence is a common obstacle in individual, organization, and society development. Thanks to the modern technologies, the rate of obsolescence accelerates rapidly in the information age. In the library workplace, obsolescence…

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Starting a New Midcareer Librarian Position During COVID-19: Lessons to take into the future

This article chronicles the experience of two midcareer librarians who were new hires at the University of South Florida one month before the entire campus was sent to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They recount the obstacles…

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The State of Library Makerspaces

In this paper, we describe the maker concept, movement and culture and its impact on and relationship with libraries. We provide a comprehensive review of library makerspaces in North America supported by several case studies. We intend this review…

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Internet technology + Information Service

The program committee invites library leaders and information science scholars to speak about the Internet technology driven library and information service.
Panel speakers:
Dr. Brad Eden, Dean of Valparaiso University Library
Dr. Hao-Ren Ke,…


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