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Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor

Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor.jpg
Hui Chinese American Zack Ying has a mission. With the help of Qin Shi Huang (China's first emperor, brutal tyrant, and Zack's apparent ancestor) in his gaming headset, Zack has to cram in a lifetime's worth of cultural knowledge to save himself and…

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Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.jpg
In a vivid world based on Chinese folklore, Minli and her parents are barely surviving in the valley of Fruitless Mountain. One day, Minli sets out on a quest to bring good fortune to her family. This is one of the books on the CALA/YALSA Taskforce's…

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The Secret Battle of Evan Pao

The Secret Battle of Evan Pao.jpeg
Evan Pao and his family move to Haddington, Virginia, a southern town obsessed with their ties to the Civil War. As a Chinese American, Evan searches for a way to fit into the school’s annual Civil War reenactment, leading him to a surprising…

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Talented eleven-year-old Robin Lee must quit dance lessons in order to save money and bring Robin's grandmother from China. Frustration mounts when her grandmother arrives and butts heads with Robin while favoring her brother. Her grandmother’s stay…

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The Many Meanings of Meilan

The Many Meanings of Meilan.jpeg
Twelve-year-old Taiwanese American Meilan Hua struggles to fit in when her family moves from Boston’s Chinatown to a small town in Ohio. When Meilan discovers the meanings of her Chinese name, she inhabits different personas to deal with her…

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