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Customer Relationship Management as an Imperative for Academic Libraries: A Conceptual Model-121 e-Agent Framework

This chapter proposes a conceptual model, the 121 e-Agent Framework, for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in academic libraries. Linked data and Semantic Web are the core components of this model. The implementation of the Framework will enable…

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Introduction to Linked Data

Linked Data is a powerful semantic web technology that makes knowledge and information spaces of different knowledge domains sharable, exchangeable, interoperable, and more. It is increasingly being used in libraries. This presentation is primarily…

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Library Discovery Services and Tools: Functionalities and Assessments

A presentation discussing the benefits, the challenges, and the evolution of discovery services and tools.

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Linked data in the library

This presentation is a brief introduction to acknowledge the understanding of linked data, which yields hope to link separate objects in a meaningful way. The topic and potential of linked data has been hotly debated and very exciting. However, the…

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Online Collaboration Tools

Descriptions on the tools used for libraries collaborations.

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