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Name Authority Control in Digital Humanities: Building a Name Authority Database of Shanghai Library

Libraries as a type of social institution have a long history of collecting, preserving and spreading the knowledge of mankind and have cumulated a vast amount of highly structured data conforming to library and information standards. Among these…

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2017 Shenzhen International Conference on Libraries and Digital Humanities

The University Town Library of Shenzhen hosted the three-day International Conference on Libraries and Digital Humanities from December 6th to 8th, 2017.

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Using Digital Humanities Initiative To Advance Diversity and Inclusiveness in Your Library and University: Best Practices

Research and reports on Digital humanities (DH) projects have been on the rise and DH has been widely adopted by many libraries across the country. What is Digital Humanities? What does it do to us? What skills do we need to have? What tools do we…

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