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長離閣集: 一卷

PubStatement: 清嘉慶二十三年(1818)刻本。
Notes: 芳茂山人詩錄:九卷(孫星衍撰)附長離閣集:一卷。
Preface: 前有曲阜孔廣森﹑閩縣葉觀國序﹐閩縣何森林弁言﹐三山張經邦﹑儀徵阮元題辭。
Colophon: 後有從子壻龔慶嘉慶戊寅(1818)識﹐武進王光燮所撰亡女小傳﹐孫星衍撰狀﹐錢塘袁枚撰墓誌銘。
Worktype: 別集。

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樓居小草: 一卷

PubStatement: 清嘉慶間(1796-1820)刻本.
Notes: 此本為《隨園三十種》中之《袁家三妹合稿》之零種. 序等4頁. 吟稿14頁. 隨園三〇種.
Preface: 前有汪孟翊序、袁枚序. 嚴長明題辭. 有扉頁, 刻「樓居小草題辭」.
Worktype: 別集.
InscriptionalVerse: 題「袁杼著」.

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Enhance the Discovery and Interoperability of Culturally Rich Information: the Chinese Women Poets WikiProject

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Traditionally, special collections such as culture and heritage collections and their name authority data were cataloged using local cataloging standards with limited data interoperability. The library community has questioned for a number of years…

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