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Unveil hidden gems: Improving discoverability of Ming Qing Women Poets and their poetry works through Wikidata

Unveil Hidden Gems_ALA2023.pdf
Traditionally, special collections featuring cultural heritage materials, and related authority data on authors and works, have been created using conventional cataloging standards with limited data interoperability. To increase accessibility and…

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Ming Qing Women’s Writings

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This talk is the last session in the CALA Speaker Series: Describing Chinese Rare Books and Cultural Heritage Collections. It can be accessed via CALA's YouTube channel at: This talk is delivered by Dr. Grace S. Fong,…

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讀史管見: 三卷

PubStatement: 日本安政三年 (1856) 浪華書林群玉堂翻刻本
Notes: 1856年日本翻刻本
Worktype: 別集
Contributors to foreword: 謝方端, 陶所池內

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職思齋學文稿: 一卷

Worktype: 別集
Contributors to foreword: 徐葉昭自序

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繼聲樓古今體詩: 二卷

PubStatement: 清光緒四年-民國二十七年 (1878-1938) 刻本
Notes: 出版年代錄自原圖書館記錄
Worktype: 別集
Contributors to foreword: 郭遠堂序

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紉餘漫草: 一卷

PubStatement: 清抄本
Preface: 伯戊, 韓芝
Colophon: 顧謙, 王秉鈞, 聞人瑞, 瞿驥
Worktype: 別集
Contributors to foreword: 伯戊, 韓芝序
Contributors to afterword: 顧謙, 王秉鈞, 聞人瑞, 瞿驥跋

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張淑蓮詩稿: 一卷

Notes: 國家圖書館集名: 張淑蓮文稿
Worktype: 別集

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含烟閣詩: 一卷, 含烟閣詞: 一卷

Preface: 高興
Colophon: 冒襄, 玉溪生, 退蜚老人
Worktype: 別集
Contributors to foreword: 毛鶴舫評, 高舆序
Contributors to afterword: 冒襄, 玉溪生跋, 退蜚老人評

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