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Canton Through Western Eyes: Resources & Wood’s Sketches of China

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This book talk was organized by the Guangzhou Book Club and it was aimed to introduce the newly translated and published book《洋记者的广州城记》(English title: Sketches of China: with Illustrations from Original Drawings). The original English book was…

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A southern Chinese city through the eyes of a British missionary: Preliminary analysis of the text of a historical travelogue

Walks in the City of Canton is a book written by John Henry Gray of Christ's College, Cambridge who came to China and stayed as a missionary for many years, and it was published in 1875. This project did a preliminary analysis of the text of this…

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China through American eyes: Depictions of the Chinese people and culture in the US print media of the late 19th century

Cultural understanding between the United States and China has been a long and complex process. The period from the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth century is not only a critical era in modern Chinese history, but also the peak time of…

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