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How is FOLIO Different from Its Predecessors?

FOLIO is a future-oriented library service platform. Enlightened by the results of the 2021 International Survey of Library Automation, the author shared thoughts on how FOLIO meets librarians’ expectations, why it’s a good time to get involved in…

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Challenges that Affect the Utilization of KLISC’s Resources and Services at University of Nairobi

It is not feasible for a library to hold or acquire a full collection of information resources which may be required by its patrons. To deal with this issue, library cooperation was adopted, for instance, interlibrary loaning, document delivery and…

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Assessing the Appropriateness of Your Collection

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It has been over 30 years since the initial publication of the WLN Collection Assessment Manual. This manual established a comprehensive framework for collection assessment, incorporating Collection Depth Indicators/Codes as well as the Divisions,…

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Challenges and Opportunities of Libraries in Digital Time – Federal Depository Library as Civic Leader

This presentation discusses the challenges and opportunities of libraries in the digital time for libraries as civic leaders on campus. Rice University Fondren Library was used as an example for case study and demonstration.

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