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Giving to CALA: a Way to Celebrate its 50th Anniversary

CALA has reached a significant milestone, celebrating its 50th anniversary since its establishment in 1973. Over the years, CALA has provided a home for many librarians, particularly Chinese librarians, and has played a crucial role in fostering…

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Mobile Digital Divide Depicted: a Field Study of the Older Adults in Sichuan, China

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The extant literature demonstrates that the age-related digital divide prevents older adults from enhancing their quality of life. The research aims to characterize the mobile divide and promote active aging. We conducted semi-structured interviews…

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Stories Beyond Borders: Developing the Chinese American and Diasporic Reading List

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Created to commemorate the Chinese American Librarians Association’s (CALA) 50th Anniversary, the Stories Beyond Borders list features children’s, middle grade, and teen books centering Chinese American and diasporic voices. The list was formed…

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CALA Members Global Library Engagement: A Reflection on CALA Members Participation in Chinese Library Annual Conferences

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The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA), officially established in 1973, is committed to establishing closer relationships and collaborations with national and international library organizations such as ALA, IFLA and the Library Society…

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Developing CALASYS in Celebration of CALA 50th

CALA Academic Resource & Repository System (CALASYS) is the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)’s institutional repository. It collects and archives CALA’s programs, documents and history, CALA members’ scholarly and professional…

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From Panic to Process: Developing Workflow and Selection Criteria for Accessing Text and Data Mining Corpora

At the University of Houston Libraries, every request for data, text collections or access to text mining environments resulted in panic! There was no established workflow and steps had to be retraced and reestablished each time a new request came…

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Needs of Cross-Disciplinary Graduate Programs: How Libraries Contribute to Social Mobility in the Post-Pandemic Era

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This case study presents a unique insight into the relationship between cross-disciplinary graduate programs and social mobility, highlighting how libraries can contribute to the needs of students in these programs during the post-pandemic era. In…

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Assessing the Appropriateness of Your Collection

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It has been over 30 years since the initial publication of the WLN Collection Assessment Manual. This manual established a comprehensive framework for collection assessment, incorporating Collection Depth Indicators/Codes as well as the Divisions,…

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Ta-men (Ta們): Amplifying the Voices of Chinese Women and Sexual Minorities from Princeton University Library

A presentation on Princeton University's collection on Chinese women and LGBTQ+ individuals. It's presented at the CALA Northeast Chapter Annual Meeting on April 27, 2023.

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International Journal of Librarianship (IJoL): A Publishing Platform for Scholarly Communication and Professional Development

A presentation on the history and current state of the International Journal of Librarianship, a CALA publication. It's presented at the CALA Northeast Chapter Annual Meeting on April 27, 2023.

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