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Conference Committee Reports

Series of board member reports for Annual and Midwinter conferences.

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Chinese American Librarian Association Bylaws

Chinese-American Librarian Association bylaws, Last revised and amended 5/18/2016

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2015 Strategic Plan

CALA 2015 Strategic Plan.pdf
Plan describing CALA goals and strategy for 2010-2015.

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2013 President's Annual Report

Annual report of the CALA president.

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2016 Vice President's Interim Report

Interim report from the January 2016 meeting.

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Striving for Excellence: CALA 2020 Strategic Plan (2015-2020)

Built on the strengths, capabilities, and diligence of its members, the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) will continue to promote and fulfill its three main purposes:
1) to promote better communication among Chinese American…

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CALA Handbook of Officers

Handbook describing CALA officer roles and responsibilities.

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A Review and Analysis of CALA Membership

"A review and analysis of CALA membership" prepared for the Chinese American Librarians Association 2013-2015 Directory.

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A Glimpse into CALA’s 1980 and 2013 Membership

The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)’s total membership has increased to 559, including 260 life members and 299 annual members, as of June 30, 2013. It covers all states in the US and 7 other countries and areas (Australia, Canada,…

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CALA Brochure


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