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  • Collection: 2023 CALA Annual Conference

Evaluation of CALA and its Chapters: Initial Results

Evaluation of CALA and its Chapters Initial Results.pdf
Poster presentation at the ALA Annual 2023.

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Accessing CALASYS of the Chinese American Librarians Association: A Survey

calasys poster_resized.pdf
Poster presentation at the ALA Annual 2023.

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Using an Interactive Authoring Tool for a Cataloging/Metadata
Creation Class – Experimentation and Prospects

Cataloging, classification, and metadata creation are essential functions of information organization in LIS (library and information science) field. High-quality data serves critical roles in effective organization of library materials. However,…

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Why do Libraries Need to Offer Tech Help: An Ethnographic Study Based on the Urbana Free Library

The Urbana Free Library provides patrons with tech help through its Computer Lab program. The program helps patrons solve various problems they encounter when using any digital device. This poster presents an ongoing ethnographic study that examines…

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Promoting Local Cultural Collection Through Digital Curation

Promoting Local Cultural Collection Through Digital Curation_LIU, Chia Yi.pdf
This poster presents an attempt to showcase a local coming-of-age ceremony using digital methods and discusses the potential of local libraries and archives to foster a deeper connection with cultural heritage in the digital age.

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Cultural Connections: Training Approaches for Incoming and Arriving International Students

The international student population defined as “a heterogeneous group of students whose common element is their status as well [as] their intention of attaining academic excellence in a country other than their home country” (Nwokedi, 2020),…

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SDSU Faculty Wikidata Project: Using Python and Wikibot to Build and Update Faculty Profiles in Wikidata

San Diego State University (SDSU) Library initiated the Wikidata Faculty Profiles Project in 2020 as part of the PCC Wikidata Pilot Project. Building upon its success, the project was extended to 2022, during which SDSU Library investigated more…

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International Outreach Initiatives at the Illinois Fire Service Institute Library

The Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign provides international outreach services to firefighters and librarians around the world. These services include assistance with training,…

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Giving to CALA: a Way to Celebrate its 50th Anniversary

CALA has reached a significant milestone, celebrating its 50th anniversary since its establishment in 1973. Over the years, CALA has provided a home for many librarians, particularly Chinese librarians, and has played a crucial role in fostering…

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Mobile Digital Divide Depicted: a Field Study of the Older Adults in Sichuan, China

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The extant literature demonstrates that the age-related digital divide prevents older adults from enhancing their quality of life. The research aims to characterize the mobile divide and promote active aging. We conducted semi-structured interviews…

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