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  • Collection: 2021 CALA Annual Conference

CALA Annual 2021 Presidential Program: Libraries as Catalysts for Serving Diverse Communities

What do you know about race, art, civil rights, and the socio-political forces that guided the hip-hop generation? Have you heard of the Building a Pipeline of Community Connection that helps to build a staffing model that fosters diversity, equity…

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Be in the Know on Cybersecurity Trends

Be in the Know on Cybersecurity Trends.pdf
The poster provides an overview on the latest trends in cybersecurity. It will also discuss how the trends affect libraries.

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Opening CALASYS to All Members

Since the Chinese American Librarians Association’s Academic Resources and Repository System (CALASYS, was initiated in 2013, its collections have grown gradually by way of the Committee’s curation and entries with…

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Changing Nature of Cataloguing Librarians in Academic Libraries

Changing nature of cataloguing librarian roles in academic libraries.pdf
The shifting research and scholarly landscape, the transformation in higher education, and advances in technology have been reshaping the profession of cataloguing librarianship in academic settings.

There has been a trend in the cataloguing…

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Assessing the Professional Development Needs of Chinese American Librarians: A Survey

Assessing the Professional Development Needs of Chinese American Librarians.pdf
The purpose of this project is to assess the professional development programs developed by the Chinese American Librarian Association (CALA). The Assessment and Evaluation Committee will examine the efficacy, acceptability and helpfulness of the…

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Embedded Librarian Practice: Transparency in Teaching Threshold Information Literacy Concepts to Social Work Students

Embedded Librarian Practice.pdf
Embedded librarianship has been one of the core practices of the library profession that academic librarians have successfully used to develop and strengthen collaborative relationships within their subject areas. This approach has proven to be…

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Free Tools for Data Wrangling, Analysis, and Visualization

Free Tools for Data Wrangling, Analysis, and Visualization.pdf
From internal assessment for data driven decision making to external support for faculty and student research, librarians need tools to prepare, analyze, and present data. Often times, tools are associated with a license cost or a deep learning…

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Use of Open-Source Software to Enhance the Institution's Service

Use of open-source software to enhance the institution's service.pdf
Choosing the right Integrated Library Management Systems (ILMS) software is the most important step in the library automation process. To choose the right software librarians, need to analyze features in the module of each software and choose the…

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Animated GIFs as an Instruction Tool

Animated GIFs as an Instruction Tool.pdf
Animated GIFs have become a common fixture of social media. However, their potential usage for library guides and instruction is rarely considered. This poster session will cover existing and related literature, screen size, internet speed, and…

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Uncovering Hidden Stories in Photographs from the Carleton-in-China Program, 1936-1939

Carleton-in-China Program.pdf
From 1937 to 1939 Paul Clifford Domke was one of two “Carleton-in-China” representatives appointed by Carleton College, in accordance with an arrangement with The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) dating from 1922, to teach…

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