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  • Collection: 2020 CALA Annual Conference

Assessing Use of Library Space

Libraries often focus their assessment efforts on resources, services and programming. Collection analysis is conducted regarding usage of the collection. Surveys are conducted regarding library instruction and/or programming. What about the physical…

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Building Family Branch in Rural Area: An Action to Create the Literary Village

Building Family Branches in Rural Areas.pdf
Both material resources and knowledge resources are insufficient in rural China. Therefore, the establishment of a family library branch in poor areas is not only an extension of the library services, but also an effective way to guarantee fair…

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Countering Digital Polarization and Advancing Civic Information Literacy with SIFT

Countering Digital Polarization and Advancing Civic Information Literacy with SIFT.pdf
In 2018, the Indiana University Kokomo Library was invited to participate in a national initiative to counter digital polarization by developing media literacy skills in undergraduates. The initiative seeks to stem the tide of online misinformation…

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GIS and Senior Services During Pandemics

GIS and Senior Services During Pandemics.pdf
This presentation gave insightful introduction of Geographic information system (GIS) and how it makes big impacts on public libraries services through various GIS apps.

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Growth and New Directions: CALA Academic Resources and Repository System

Growth and New Directions_ CALA Academic Resources and Repository.pdf
The Chinese American Librarians Association’s Academic Resources & Repository System (CALASYS) was established in 2013 and has been growing gradually ever since. To seek sustainable and greater growth in the future, the CALASYS 2019-2020 Committee…

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Make the Most of Data Analyzation to Improve Library Website UX

Make the Most of Data Analyzation to Improve Library Website UX.pdf
The Web Service Team in Miami University Libraries has conducted a series of user behavior and demographics data collecting. The scripts are generated in Google Analytics and, and be embedded in the university library websites. This…

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OCUL Collaborative Futures Project

OCUL Collaborative Futures Project.pdf
Ontario university libraries in Canada have a long history of collaboration and cooperation to address challenges libraries have been facing together to meet users’ needs. In 2013, a provincial wide discussion was initiated by a group of information…

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Rural and Urban: Two Private Children’s Libraries
A report of ongoing research in China

Rural and Urban Two Private Children Libraries.pdf
Project Genesis:

First experience: In 2011, a fellow Fulbright Scholar introduced Jon Jablonski to private children’s libraries in Wuhan. From 2014 to 2019, he visited 35 libraries in 14 cities.

Smiling Library introduction in 2017: while…

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The Development of Digital Humanities and Academic Research in China: A Special Issue of Library Trends

Digital Humanities in China.pdf
The Library Trends is published quarterly for the iSchool by The Johns Hopkins University Press. Each issue explores critical trends in professional librarianship and includes practical applications, thorough analyses, and literature reviews. In the…

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Using Digital Humanities Initiative To Advance Diversity and Inclusiveness in Your Library and University: Best Practices

Research and reports on Digital humanities (DH) projects have been on the rise and DH has been widely adopted by many libraries across the country. What is Digital Humanities? What does it do to us? What skills do we need to have? What tools do we…

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