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Restructuring an open access journal for LIS professionals: process, people, and plan

Occasional Paper Series (OPS) is one of the official publication platforms provided by the Chinese American Librarians Association overseas, the largest association of Chinese librarians, and an ALA affiliation. OPS is an open access and…

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Diversity and sustainability in library exhibits

This poster will present on the sustainability and diversity of
Library Exhibits at UHM Hamilton Library. The poster will provide
examples of how cultural, social, historical and international themes
contribute to exhibit diversity. In addition,…

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Diversity and sustainability in library exhibits for outreach and marketing

This paper discusses the diversity and sustainability of library exhibits at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Library, and explores it as a means of marketing and outreach.

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Promoting and teaching information literacy on the Internet: Surveying the web site of 264 academic libraries in North America.

A survey of various academic libraries in North America to determine how information literacy sessions are promoted and taught.

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Know Your Crowd: A Case Study in Digital Collection Marketing

Digitized special collections and institutional repositories present unique challenges to libraries struggling to identify marketing strategies that will entice patrons to these services. These collections, which do not have the same mass appeal as…

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