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Use of Open-Source Software to Enhance the Institution's Service

Use of open-source software to enhance the institution's service.pdf
Choosing the right Integrated Library Management Systems (ILMS) software is the most important step in the library automation process. To choose the right software librarians, need to analyze features in the module of each software and choose the…

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FOLIO and Smart Libraries: Meeting the Future Needs of Chinese Libraries

The vision and concept of FOLIO have gained the attention and expectation from libraries. Its open and flexible service platform provides an approach to the realization of the Smart Libraries in the future. On the basis of summarising the needs of…

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Endnote Blog: an Effective Alternative to Troubleshooting Endnote

The EndNote Blog has been an effective alternative to traditional ways of troubleshooting issues related to the use of EndNote. The Blog has resolved many common issues related to EndNote that are frequently encountered by many of our users. Better…

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