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Needs of Cross-Disciplinary Graduate Programs: How Libraries Contribute to Social Mobility in the Post-Pandemic Era

CALA2023_Poster_Chyi-Kuan Wang, Chiao-Min Lin (NCCU)_ver.3.pdf
This case study presents a unique insight into the relationship between cross-disciplinary graduate programs and social mobility, highlighting how libraries can contribute to the needs of students in these programs during the post-pandemic era. In…

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CALA Annual 2021 Presidential Program: Libraries as Catalysts for Serving Diverse Communities

What do you know about race, art, civil rights, and the socio-political forces that guided the hip-hop generation? Have you heard of the Building a Pipeline of Community Connection that helps to build a staffing model that fosters diversity, equity…

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What can interface customization do beyond branding?

Short Talk at Designing for Digital Conference. April 2016. Austin, TX

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Giving to the Library : Developing Donor Friendly Content for Online Fundraising.

Short talk at Designing for Digital Conference. April 2017, Austin, TX

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GIS and Senior Services During Pandemics

GIS and Senior Services During Pandemics.pdf
This presentation gave insightful introduction of Geographic information system (GIS) and how it makes big impacts on public libraries services through various GIS apps.

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Scoping the Chinese American Librarians Association Services with a National Survey

CALA Assessment Survey Poster 2018_final.pdf
To make the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) a stronger organization and to serve its members more efficiently and effectively, CALA’s Assessment and Evaluation Committee designed an online survey and distributed it to all members…

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Problems of JCR categories: Information Science & Library Science

CALA Poster--PDF--Wang Ching Shaw--20180624.pdf
Introduction and Method
The Impact Factor, IF, ranking of journals in Journal Citation Reports (JCR), influences journals’ academic evaluation and the IF ranking which is closely related to its journal’s category. The author has analyzed 88…

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Chinese special collections at UBC Library

This paper about the Chinese special collection housed at the University of British Columbia was presented to the International Symposium on Descriptive Bibliography and Scholarly Editing at Sun Yat-sen University by Jing Liu.

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