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Coping with Constant Obsolescence: A Lifelong Task

Knowledge and skill obsolescence is a common obstacle in individual, organization, and society development. Thanks to the modern technologies, the rate of obsolescence accelerates rapidly in the information age. In the library workplace, obsolescence…

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Factors Influencing the Choice of Librarianship as a Career Among Students in Tanzania

This study examined factors influencing the choice of librarianship as a career among students in Tanzania. A quantitative research approach, the descriptive survey study design, was adopted for this study. Data was collected using online…

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Perception of Librarians on COVID-19 Information and Sensitization: Challenges and Change Agenda

Librarians across Africa have had to portray proactive measures in combating the spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic. They were faced with the probability of how libraries would function amidst employees calling for closures while seeking for…

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Book Review of Information Technology for Librarians and Information Professionals

This is a review of the book titled "Information Technology for Librarians and Information Professionals."

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The Role of Chinese American Librarians in Library and Information Science Diversity

With a goal to examine the role of Chinese American librarians in Library and Information Science (LIS) diversity in the 21st century, the authors conducted a study funded by the ALA (American Library Association) Diversity Research Program between…

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A Panel Discussion with NALCo Leaders & Presidents at ALA Annual Conference 2023

Date: Saturday, June 24, 2023
Time: 9-10 am CT
Location/Room: McCormick Place, Room W183C
Description: ALA conference registration is required. In 2023, the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) turns 50, an important milestone for a…

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Building Asian and Pacific American Library Leaders for the Future: A Panel Discussion (co-sponsored by APALA)

CALA President’s Program 2022 - Building Asian and Pacific American Library Leaders for the Future: A Panel Discussion (co-sponsored by APALA)
Date/Time: 6/25, Saturday, 11-1 pm ET (CALA Membership/Poster Session from 11-12 pm and CALA Panel…

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Cultivating Pathways to a Fulfilling Career: Experience and advice from CALA Members

Sunday June 24, 1:15 – 3:15PM
Uptown 2 & 3 Le Meridien Hotel
New Orleans, LA
Whether you are starting off as a newbie, midway through with lots of experience, or a veteran who has seen it and done it all, to many achieving success and satisfaction…

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2016 Special Program: CALA Leadership Academy

Featuring a one-day, in-person training with Maureen Sullivan in Orlando, FL on June 27, 2016, in conjunction with ALA Annual, plus virtual sessions! Maureen Sullivan, in close consultation with the CALA Leadership Training Task Force, has designed…

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Helping CALA, helping you: Joining CALA, advancing your career

CALA Annual Program at ALA 2016, Orlando, FL:
Helping CALA, Helping You: Joining CALA, Advancing Your Career
June 26th 1:00 – 2:30 Hyatt, Florida Ballroom B. Orlando, FL
Responding to the CALA 2015 Strategic Plan on member recruitment, retention,…

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