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Integrating Immersive Experiences to Instruction through BreakoutEDU: Lessons Learned

This study employed an escape room motif to engage students to use information literacy course material to solve puzzles. Students practiced research techniques in a classroom environment that bypassed their expectations of traditional course…

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Establishing a Vibrant Information Literacy Program in the Absence of Curriculum Mandate: A Case Study

This article describes how the Skillman Library at Lafayette College uses internal grants to successfully integrate information literacy into upper-level courses. There is a general consensus among faculty grant recipients that …

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Fostering Teacher and Librarian Partnerships: Designing an Information Literacy Program to Support the High School to College Transition

A lightning talk at the 2017 Chinese American Librarians Association Midwest Chapter Annual Conference Program

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Academic Libraries’ Support of Student Learning through Designing a Library-based Research Information Literacy Course

CALA 2022_Poster.pdf
This poster illustrates the process of designing a credit information literacy course as a viable alternative to the traditional one-shot library instruction mode. The poster showcases the significance of building a semester-long information literacy…

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Countering Digital Polarization and Advancing Civic Information Literacy with SIFT

Countering Digital Polarization and Advancing Civic Information Literacy with SIFT.pdf
In 2018, the Indiana University Kokomo Library was invited to participate in a national initiative to counter digital polarization by developing media literacy skills in undergraduates. The initiative seeks to stem the tide of online misinformation…

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Project RAILS: Lessons Learned about Rubric Assessment of Information Literacy Skills

Rubric assessment of information literacy is an important tool for librarians seeking to show evidence of student learning. The authors, who collaborated on the Rubric Assessment of Informational Literacy Skills (RAILS) research project, draw from…

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Information literacy in vocational education: a course model

Vocational education has undergone major changes in recent years. The need for incorporating information literacy into the vocational school curriculum exists, given the nature of the mission of this particular type of educational institutions. Over…

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Lessons learned from a two-year experience in information literacy assessment for general education courses

Information Literacy Assessment.pdf
Paper Presentation overview: From fall 2015 to spring 2017, librarians at the IU Kokomo Library collaborated with program directors in speech communication and writing programs to assess information literacy in the general education curriculum in…

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Promoting and teaching information literacy on the Internet: Surveying the web site of 264 academic libraries in North America.

A survey of various academic libraries in North America to determine how information literacy sessions are promoted and taught.

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The Effectiveness of a University’s Single-Session Information Literacy Instruction

Purpose – The purpose of this paper it to determine the effectiveness of “single‐session” information literacy instruction as it was integrated into the curriculum of a general education course at Monmouth University, New Jersey.

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