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Supporting Equal Access for People with Disabilities: A Task-oriented Testing Analysis for Alternative Format Collection System in Taiwan

2023 CALA Poster_Lin, C. M. & Huang, Y. T..pdf
This study investigated the opinions and experiences of various disability groups in using the Alternative Format Collection System (AFCS) established by the National Taiwan Library in 2012. Key findings include difficulties with inputting account…

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Increasing of libraries' value : both public and academic libraries deliver electronic information resources

With innovative uses of technologies and development, especially internet using to deliver and share information in both public and academic institutions, libraries are facing to migrate from print repositories to information service centers, and…

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Tune-up Electronic Resources in Alma for better discovery in Primo: Alma Post-migration activities

1. Introduction
2. Overview: Electronic Resources Migration Process in Alma
3. Link Resolver Process for Community Zone Resources
4. Physical to Electronic Resources Process for Local Resources
5. Collaborative Effort to Enhance Users'…

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