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Forecasting Database Usage During the Height of COVID-19

As with other catastrophic events, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted higher education and library services. The authors examine the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on usage of health databases in 2020. They use time series analysis to create a forecast…

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Large Language Model Applications for Archives

Large Language Model Applications for Archives by Qing Zou.pdf
The rapid evolution of large language models has opened new opportunities for revolutionizing archival processes, offering advanced tools to enhance accessibility, searchability, and preservation of historical records. There are challenges to…

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Endnote Blog: an Effective Alternative to Troubleshooting Endnote

The EndNote Blog has been an effective alternative to traditional ways of troubleshooting issues related to the use of EndNote. The Blog has resolved many common issues related to EndNote that are frequently encountered by many of our users. Better…

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