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The Many Meanings of Meilan

The Many Meanings of Meilan.jpeg
Twelve-year-old Taiwanese American Meilan Hua struggles to fit in when her family moves from Boston’s Chinatown to a small town in Ohio. When Meilan discovers the meanings of her Chinese name, she inhabits different personas to deal with her…

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Ten Blocks to the Big Wok: A Chinatown Counting Book

Ten Blocks to the Big Wok.jpg
Mia and her Uncle Eddie have adventures throughout Chinatown as they travel to the Big Wok restaurant for dim sum. Accompanying the lively and colorful illustrations is text in Mandarin and English as Mia, her uncle, and a neighborhood cat journey…

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My Day with Gong Gong

My Day with Gong Gong.jpg
Young May reluctantly spends a day with her Gong Gong, who only speaks Cantonese. Their day is punctuated with conversations May does not understand and glimpses of favorite foods as they run errands in Chinatown. Gong Gong's warmth and care shine…

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