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Stories Beyond Borders: A Chinese American and Diasporic Reading List

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Created to commemorate the Chinese American Librarians Association’s 50th Anniversary, Stories Beyond Borders features children’s, middle grade, and young adult books centering Chinese American and diasporic voices. Rooted in different parts of the…

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New from Here

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Ten-year-old Knox isn't just the new kid

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Living with Viola

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Olivia Tong's anxiety takes the form of a ghostly and mean inner voice named Viola. Viola is there to create self-doubt, feed on Livy's fears, and interfere when Livy begins to make friends. Livy wonders if her parents will understand her requests…

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This is one of the books in the series "Chinese Studies in the West: The Chinese Record," Volume 10 . This series consists of reprints of western books about China in the public domain, with Chinese introductions and translations of the books’ main…

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