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CALASYS Advanced Training

CALASYS Advanced Training.pdf
Advanced training document on how to use and manage the CALA Academic Resource & Repository System (CALASYS), including how to batch load records, create and edit collections and exhibits. It's created by the CALASYS Committee.

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Developing CALASYS in Celebration of CALA 50th

CALA Academic Resource & Repository System (CALASYS) is the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)’s institutional repository. It collects and archives CALA’s programs, documents and history, CALA members’ scholarly and professional…

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Using an Interactive Authoring Tool for a Cataloging/Metadata
Creation Class – Experimentation and Prospects

Cataloging, classification, and metadata creation are essential functions of information organization in LIS (library and information science) field. High-quality data serves critical roles in effective organization of library materials. However,…

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