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Shifting Instruction for Sustainability: Lessons from COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic irrevocably changed the ways that libraries function. Libraries had to shift and our skills as librarians and educators were put to the test in new ways. As the Instruction Coordinator at New Mexico State University Library…

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Perception of Librarians on COVID-19 Information and Sensitization: Challenges and Change Agenda

Librarians across Africa have had to portray proactive measures in combating the spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic. They were faced with the probability of how libraries would function amidst employees calling for closures while seeking for…

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Trends, Challenges and Opportunities at University of Manitoba Libraries during the COVID Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought rapid and radical changes to higher education, and academic libraries adapted and devised solutions. This article will review the initiatives that the University of Manitoba Libraries (UML) implemented prior to the…

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Starting a New Midcareer Librarian Position During COVID-19: Lessons to take into the future

This article chronicles the experience of two midcareer librarians who were new hires at the University of South Florida one month before the entire campus was sent to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They recount the obstacles…

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Forecasting Database Usage During the Height of COVID-19

As with other catastrophic events, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted higher education and library services. The authors examine the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on usage of health databases in 2020. They use time series analysis to create a forecast…

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Implementing Controlled Digital Lending with Google Drive and Apps Script: A Case Study at the NYU Shanghai Library

The unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 near the beginning of 2020 has significantly interrupted the daily operation of a wide range of academic institutions worldwide. As a result, libraries faced a challenge of providing their patrons access to…

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