Contemporary Chinese Art


Contemporary Chinese Art


"In this first systematic introduction to the topic, art historian and critic Wu Hung provides a much-needed narrative of the development of Chinese art across all media from the 1970s to the 2000s, a timespan characterized by radical social, political, and economic change in China.
This richly illustrated chronological volume examines contemporary Chinese art both in the context of China's specific historical experience and in the global arena. Wu Hung explores: the emergence of avant-garde or contemporary art—as opposed to officially sanctioned art—in the public sphere after the Cultural Revolution; the mobilization by young artists and critics of a nationwide avant-garde movement in the mid-1980s; the re-emphasis on individual creativity in the late 1980s; the heightened spirit of experimentation of the 1990s; and the catapulting of contemporary Chinese art into the global arena from the 1990s onwards."
"Contemporary Chinese Art introduces readers to key art movements, styles and trends, important artists and art projects, experimental exhibitions and avant-garde publications, and China's growing number of new museums, galleries, and alternative art spaces. It is an indispensable resource to one of the most vital and exciting areas of international art practice today." "Contemporary Chinese Art is an indispensable resource today. It is the first book that systematically introduces contemporary Chinese art. It presents to the reader key art movements, styles and trends, important artists and art project, experimental exhibitions and advent-grade publications and China's growing number of new museums, galleries and alternative art spaces."
"Initially I was shocked by the dark images of this Contemporary Chinese Art book. While reading it through looking for answers of why this 'ugliness', I saw the meanings of the art works and the profoundness and depth this book contains. Art is an expression and art is always looking to break traditions and comfort zones. This book says it all and is a gem in the field of Chinese art history." This book has won the 2014 CALA Best Book Award (Categroy: Non-Fiction).


Hung, Wu


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