Secrets of the Terra-Cotta Soldier


Secrets of the Terra-Cotta Soldier


"In this action-packed adventure and coming-of-age story that finely weaves fact and fiction, thirteen-year-old Ming lives in a small village in Maoist China in the 1970s. His father is convinced that Emperor Qin's tomb—and the life-size terra-cotta army created to serve and protect the emperor in the afterlife—lies hidden in the hills around them. But if Ming's father doesn't prove it soon, the town's Political Officer will condemn him to the brutal labor camps. From the stories of a terra-cotta soldier who has survived through the centuries, Ming learns the history of Emperor Qin, known for building the Great Wall of China, and how and why the terra-cotta soldiers came to be. As their unlikely friendship develops, Ming experiences the mysterious tomb firsthand, braving deadly traps and witnessing the terra-cotta army in action. Most importantly, he comes to see how he can save both the terra-cotta soldiers and his father from the corrupt Political Officer and his Communist cronies. The book is illustrated with photographs of Communist Chinese village life in the 1970s, the Great Wall, and, of course, the excavated tomb with its many terra-cotta soldiers. It also features a special recipe from the story."
"Secrets of the Terra-Cotta soldier not only tells a wonderful story, but also incorporates true fact into the adventure, encouraging interest in both reading in general and the history of the culture depicted in the work. Entertaining enough to be a pleasure read for children, Secrets of the Terra-Cotta solider is also chock full of additional materials that also make it great for the classroom." "An adventure that is set in time of Mao. This book is about a terra-cotta soldier coming to life and a village boy who has a strong interest in museum and artifacts, together they make a crime-fighting duo to protect Emperor Qin's tomb from the corrupted Political Officer. It is a wonderful read for older children. It will inspire their imagination and courage and allow them to experience the Chinese history of the ancient Qin Dynasty and that of Mao's time." This book has won the 2014 CALA Best Book Award (Categroy: Juvenile Books).


Compestine, Ying Chang; Compestine, Vinson


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