Two Sons of China


Two Sons of China


"Two Sons of China is a sweeping epic of the Second World War in China—a theater of that conflict that many consider 'forgotten'. The story centers on an unlikely friendship that forms between two soldiers, one an American, the other a Chinese Communist, as they wage guerrilla war against the Japanese. The book is largely based on the little-known, real-life American Dixie Mission of 1944." "Dr. Lam's meticulously researched historical saga is a fast-paced, emotional tale of loyalty, love, and betrayal that has introduced a new episode of American history to many readers. Its subject matter will be of great interest to Chinese American readers and we believe Dr. Lam is a remarkable Chinese American author worthy of recognition." "Based on the largely ignored American Dixie Mission of 1944, this book tells a compelling story of an American Soldier and a Chinese Communist as they engage the Japanese in guerrilla warfare. It gives nuances of their character on their journey to becoming 'heroes', as the American David wrestles with of his opium addiction and struggles to survive the hardships of his march to the battle line with his small group. The Chinese Yuen fights to survive his patriotism, loyalty to the Communist Party and his self-conscience and growing doubts to the communist idealism. I deeply empathize with the dilemma of Yuen, his inner torment and bodily injuries and tortures. As David visits Yan'an as part of the Dixie Mission team, he accompanies Yuen and his team to the frontlines, a deep bond is formed between them that lasted a lifetime, although one was long dead for his heroism before the other receives the news decades later. A very touching, emotional and exciting gala. It also depicts various historical characters in a vivid and true way and brings us a magnificent historical picture of that time." This book has won the 2014 CALA Best Book Award (Categroy: Fiction).


Lam, Andrew


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