2018 CALA Annual Conference


2018 CALA Annual Conference
June 24, Sunday
Uptown 2 & 3 Le Meridien Hotel
New Orleans, LA

Panel Discussion
1:15 – 3:15PM
Cultivating Pathways to a Fulfilling Career:
Experience and advice from CALA Members

Please see details at https://www.cala-web.org/annual-programs/2018

Poster Session
3:15 – 4:15pm
Showcase of Your Achievements

CALA will host a poster session after the panel discussion. The goal of the poster session is for its members to showcase, discuss and share achievements in research, work in progress, best practices, innovative services, and community development in an informal scholarly setting. The accepted poster presentations will be arranged under five categories: Instruction and User Services, Assessment and Evaluation, Library Research, Outreach, Connecting and Communication, and Infrastructure.
Poster abstracts can be found at: https://ir.cala-web.org/items/show/466
This collection includes slides and poster files from both sessions.

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How to Keep Sustainable Development of Central-Branch Library System from its Beginning in China -- Take Tianjin as an Example
This poster explores the construction plan of the central-branch library system in Tianjin. The author uses in-depth interview, focus group interview, questionnaire and case study methods to get to know the present situation, problems and…

Study on User Satisfaction in University Libraries Based on SEM -- Take Changzhou University as an Example
Library is the significant information center of universities, and it is very useful to teachers, researchers and students. With the development of internet and information technology, the traditional services of the university libraries will be…

If We Build It, They Will Come: Improving CALA’s Institutional Repository
The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)’s Academic Resources & Repository System (CALASYS) is an important initiative to curate its members’ research works, the organizational archival materials, and other cultural resources. CALASYS uses…
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