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This collection includes the Chinese American Librarians Association Southeast Chapter's documents, such as chapter program materials, chapter documents and members' scholarly and creative works.

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Improvisation in Improbable Times: Pivoting to a Tele-Reference Service Model
This presentation is going to introduce an innovative reference service model – Tele-Reference, which was developed and implemented by the University of Central Florida (UCF) Libraries throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Continuity of service…

2021 CALA Southeast and Southwest Chapters Joint Online Conference Program
On May 7, 2021, CALA Southeast Chapter and Southwest Chapter held a joint virtual conference. The event featured an opening speech delivered by Yao Hong, CALA President of 2020, and four presentations. The presentations focused on the challenges…

Linked data in the library
This presentation is a brief introduction to acknowledge the understanding of linked data, which yields hope to link separate objects in a meaningful way. The topic and potential of linked data has been hotly debated and very exciting. However, the…
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